Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Eichorn on Sextus Empiricus

The latest issue of Ancient Philosophy (34/2014) contains Roger Eichorn's "How (Not) To Read Sextus Empiricus." You can find it here.


  1. a very very interesting paper! it is lucid, well documented and critically powerful. Finally, one can read (also in english) something written in other languages a long long time ago ...
    well done!
    emidio spinelli


  2. I'm so pleased you enjoyed the paper, Emidio! As you can probably tell, I got a great deal from your "Beyond the Theoretikos Bios." It was one of a few specific papers -- along with Diego's paper on ataraxia and philanthropia -- that I would have liked to discuss in greater detail, if I'd had the space.

    Thanks for reading, and for taking the time to comment.

  3. Dear Roger, it was a pleasure to read your paper and your strict/strong attack against some well known, too much well known maybe, interpretations about ancient pyrrhonism and Sextus in particular.
    And it is/will be a pleasure to be in contact with too, if you want (here my e-mail, for a more safe contact: emidio.spinelli@uniroma1.it). if you send me a message I'll got your e.mail too and try to keep in contact in a better way.
    anyway, I hope the future destiny of 'our' Sextus will be more favourable thanks to our works, so that he will be able to become something more than a 'stupid copyst' ...