Monday, September 2, 2013

The New Evil Demon

On September 12-13, the Université de Génève will host the conference "The New Evil Demon: Knowledge, Rationality and the Internal." Here's the program:

Thursday, September 12th

14-15:30: Stewart Cohen: "Justification, Rationality, and Truth."
16-17:30: Clayton Littlejohn: "A Plea for Epistemic Excuses."

Friday, September 13th

9-10:30: Nico Silins: "The Evil Demon Inside."
11-12:30: Julien Dutant: "Knowledge-Based Decision Theory and the New Evil Demon."
14:30-16: Maria Lasonen-Aarnio: TBA.
16:30-18: Timothy Williamson: "Legality and Law-Abidingness."

Attendance is free. Further information can be found on the conference's website:

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