Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gorgias in Sextus

A couple of days ago, I discovered this recent article in Italian:

Roberta Ioli, “Gorgia scettico? Una riflessione sulla presenza del sofista nelle opere di Sesto Empirico,” Rheinisches Museum für Philologie 152 (2009): 331-57.

In addition, two years ago she published an edition and translation of Gorgias' On What Is Not:

Gorgia di Leontini, Su ciò che non è, Testo greco, traduzione e commento. Georg Olms, 2010.

She is currenly working on an edition of the fragments and testimonia relating to Gorgias, which will be published by Carocci. Concerning ancient skepticism, she is also the author of these two papers:

- “Sextus Latinus. Sesto Empirico nelle traduzioni latine moderne,” Dianoia 4 (1999): 57-97.

- “Agôgê and Related Concepts in Sextus Empiricus,” Siculorum Gymnasium 56 (2003): 401-28.

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