Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Swamp with Deers

The reason I haven't posted much these days is that, since last Monday, I'm in Washington, DC, with a research fellowship. This is my first time in the US and I'm going to be here only for three weeks, so I'm trying to enjoy the place.

DC is insanely humid and sticky (much more than Bs. As.), but one of the things I like the most about this place is that one can stumble upon deers quite often. These animals are so bloody cool. The other night, I got lost in the woods near the place where I'm staying, and at one point I found myself standing by a really big one -- I think he even had antlers.

As regards academic activities, I'm going to present two papers on skepticism and disagreement, a topic on which I've been working for a while. The talks will be at Northwestern and Johns Hopkins, and I expect to receive artillery fire, which will be a good test. I'm also supposed to present a report on my research project on whether the skeptic can search for truth. I'm still thinking about how to do it, since no one else here works on skepticism and I feel I won't be able to say anything intelligible.


  1. You'll do great. If possible send me a copy of your lecture. I'd love to read it.