Saturday, October 24, 2009

'Dossier' on Skepticism

Last night I came back to Rome and tomorrow I'm leaving for BA. Rome really is a beautiful city; particularly its downtown is a place of great charm and the traffic is less messy than I expected. I should probably add that its women are almost as pretty as those from BA ;)

But since I don't want this blog to turn into a kind of insufferable diary of my trip and since it is supposed to provide information on skepticism, here is something I've found thanks to Thomas Bénatouïl's "liste de diffusion" on ancient philosophy. The last issue of the Revue des études anciennes features a 'dossier' on skepticism entitled "Une tradition sceptique: la réception des Academica de Cicéron dans l'antiquité".

- Valéry Laurand, "Énésidème et l'Académie: les pièges d'un langage sans horizon".

- Carlos Lévy, "Favorinus et les Academica".

- Sophie van der Meeren, "Lactance et les Academica de Cicéron: citations et polémiques".

- Emmanuel Bermon, "'Contra Academicos vel de Academicis' (Retract. I, 1): saint Augustin et les Academica de Cicéron".

- Anne-Isabelle Bouton, "Augustin lecteur de Cicéron dans le contra Academicos".

The table of contents can be found here.

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