Sunday, January 4, 2009

Skepticism Conference

I've just found out that the Basic Knowledge Project at the Arché Research Centre at the St Andrews University will host a conference on skepticism on June, 13-14.

The keynote speakers will be: Anthony Brueckner (UC Santa Barbara), Stewart Cohen (Arizona), Ernest Sosa (Rutgers), Jonathan Vogel (Amherst), Brian Weatherson (Rutgers/Arché), Roger White (MIT), and Crispin Wright (NYU/Arché).

There will be four 30 minute talks delivered by graduate students, followed by 20 minutes for questions. You must send your paper via e-mail to by 15 March, 2009. Papers should be made suitable for blind refereeing. You will be notified of acceptance by 15 April.

Students whose papers are accepted will have their accommodation covered. It might also be possible to cover the cost of travel, depending on the outcome various grant applications and other financial contingencies.

The webpage of the conference is here, but there is no information posted there yet.

For more information, you can contact Dylan Dodd ( or Elia Zardini (


  1. Hi, Diego.

    Do you know whether this conference is restricted to doctorants as applicants? I'd like to submit a paper, but I'm already a doctor ...
    Graham Priest should attend to it, I believe, who wrote a paper about Jaina logic as a species of relativist theory of truth ...


  2. Hi Fabien,

    It seems so, but you should contact Dodd to be sure.



  3. By the way, why do you say that Priest will attend the conference?

  4. Hi again, Diego.

    I mentioned Graham Priest, because I think he'll be in St Andrews during the time of the conference; and given that Bueno's preceding paper was devoted to skepticism and ... relativism, Priest's paper about Jaina logic should be an excellent occasion to compare both anti-dogmatist positions.

    Relativism: believing p and not-p
    Skepticism: dibelieving p and not-p

    As a conclusion, let me repeat that Jonardon Ganeri (another author about Jain relativism) could helpful for your question about India (see your preceding note about this).


  5. Ok, I see. I thought Priest was gonna be in St Andrews only in January.

    And thanks for the info about Ganeri.