Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This has been an important year for skeptical studies. Here is a short bilan:

First, there were four conferences on skepticism, held in Edinburgh (May-June), Florence (June), Buenos Aires (August), and New York (November). There were also the talks on skepticism organized by the Society of Skeptical Studies at the APA meetings, and a few other individual talks given in Paris, Cambridge, Venice, and Rio de Janeiro.

Second, a number of important books and special issues of journals were published:

John Greco, The Oxford Handbook of Skepticism (OUP).

Harald Thorsrud, Ancient Scepticism (Acumen Publishing).

Carlos Lévy, Les scepticismes (Presses Universitaires de France).

Karel Janáček, Studien zu Sextus Empiricus, Diogenes Laertius und zur pyrrhonischen Skepsis (Walter de Gruyter).

Michael Forster, Kant and Skepticism (Princeton University Press).

Jeremy Popkin (ed.), The Legacies of Richard Popkin (Springer), which deals in part with skepticism.

José Maia Neto and Gianni Paganini (eds.), Renaissance Scepticisms (Springer).

La rationalité sceptique, issue of the Cahiers Philosophiques 115/3.

Le scepticisme à l'âge classique, issue of Philosophiques 35/1.

, a few articles appeared in journals or collective volumes:

Filip Grgic, “Sextus Empiricus on the Possibility of Inquiry”, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 89/4.

Richard Bett, "What Kind of Self Can a Greek Sceptic Have?", in Ancient Philosophy of the Self (Springer), edited by Pauliina Remes and Juha Sihvola.

Otávio Bueno, “Relativism and Skepticism”, International Journal of Philosophical Studies 16.

Machuca, “Sextus Empiricus: His Outlook, Works, and Legacy”, Freiburger Zeitschrift für Philosophie und Theologie 55.

Finally, we started a new association, the International Society for the Study of Skepticism, which hopefully will become a serious forum for discussion of skepticism.

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