Saturday, December 8, 2007

Oxford Handbook of Skepticism

John Greco is editing The Oxford Handbook of Skepticism, which will be published by Oxford University Press next year. So far I know that it will include the following contributions:

Robert Audi, “Skepticism About the A Priori: Self-Evidence, Defeasibility, and Cogito Propositions”.

Michael Bergmann, “Externalist Responses to Skepticism".

Terence Cuneo, “Moral Realism, Quasi-realism, and Skepticism”.

Bryan Frances, “Live Skeptical Hypotheses”.

John Greco, “Skepticism about the External World”.

Mark Kaplan, “Austin's Way with Skepticism”.

Peter Klein, “Contemporary Responses to Agrippa's Trilemma”.

Jonathan Kvanvig, “Closure and Alternative Possibilities”.

Paul Moser, “Religious Skepticism”.

Duncan Pritchard, “Sensitivity, Safety, and Anti-Luck Epistemology”.

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  1. There will also be a piece by Alan Millar, "Disjunctivism and Skepticism". /Kent Gustavsson