Sunday, September 23, 2007

Published in 2004 - Second and Final Part

I haven't had enough time to work on the list of books published in the past five years. As I now have a couple of minutes, I'll finish with those published in 2004.

- W. Sinnott-Armstrong (ed.), Pyrrhonian Skepticism. New York: Oxford University Press.

This book has its origin in a conference in honor of Robert Fogelin held at Darmouth College. The contributions examine the differences between ancient Pyrrhonism and Fogelin's neo-Pyrrhonism, his interpretation of the skeptical positions of certain modern and contemporary philosophers, and his own variety of Pyrrhonism. Among the contributors are Gisela Striker, Roy Sorensen, Michael Williams, Barry Stroud, Ernest Sosa, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, and Fogelin himself. For more information, click here.

- J. R. Maia Neto, R. Popkin (eds.), Skepticism in Renaissance and Post-Renaissance Thought: New Interpretations. Amherst: Humanity Books.

The essays assess Richard Popkin's view of the impact of ancient skepticism upon modern philosophy. Some of the contributors are José Maia Neto, Gianni Paganini, Luciano Floridi, and John Christian Laursen. For more information, take a look at here.

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