Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Companion to Ancient Skepticism

I've heard that Richard Bett (Johns Hopkins University) is editing The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Scepticism, forthcoming in 2008. So far I only know that he's writing an essay on skepticism and ethics, and that Luciano Floridi (Oxford University) is writing one entitled "The Rediscovery and Posthumous Influence of Scepticism".

I look forward to reading this book, which I'm sure will include papers by several leading specialists in ancient skepticism. In fact, Bett is one of them: he has written a number of papers on ancient (and contemporary) skepticism, published Pyrrho, his Antecedents and his Legacy (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000), and translated Sextus' Against the Ethicists (Oxford University Press, 1997; with an introduction and an extensive commentary) and Against the Logicians (Cambridge University Press, 2005; with an introduction).

Edit: for more information about the contributions, see the comment by Jim Hankinson (University of Texas).


  1. This text will also contain articles by myself (Jim Hankinson) on Aenesidemus, Charles Brittain on Arcesilaus and Carneades, Gisela Striker on the difference between Pyrrhonian and Academic Scepticism, Pierre Pellegrin on the scepticism of Sextus, Tad Brennan on scepticism and belief, Katja Vogt on Action, Paul Woodruff on the Modes, James Allen on Pyrrhonism and medicine, Emidio Spinelli on Scepticism and the sciences, among others

  2. Jim, many thanks for that information.