Monday, February 8, 2010

Radio Talks

Fabien Schang has let me know that there will be a series of radio talks about skepticism during this week, from today to Friday, from 10 to 11am (France time). This forms part of the program "Les Nouveaux Chemins de la Connaissance" on France Culture. Here is the link. I'm somehow surprised by the fact that in France and Germany one can still find this kind of radio talks.

Update: Guillaume Dye has talked about ancient skepticism (especially Sextus) and Frédéric Brahami will talk about Montaigne. There will also be a talk on Pascal.

1 comment:

  1. A good deal of philosophical topics are approached in France Culture, actually: several programs are focused upon ethics, science, politics and economy.
    In addition to "Les Nouveaux Chemins de la Connaissance": "Du grain à moudre", or "Macadam Philo" (amongst other programs).
    May France be still helpful in this respect ...