Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Italian Scholarship

Today I was lucky enough to get some scholarly books in Italian, two of which are key to the study of ancient skepticism, namely:

G. Giannantoni (ed.), Lo scetticismo antico (Atti del convegno organizzato dal Centro di studio del pensiero antico del C.N.R., Roma, 5-8 novembre 1980), 2 vols. Napoli: Bibliopolis, 1981.

E. Spinelli (trans.), Sesto Empirico: Contro gli astrologi. Napoli: Bibliopolis, 2000.

Probably some of you already know these books; those of you who don't and can find them in your university libraries, take a look at them. There are other books on ancient skepticism that have been published by Bibliopolis; you can find them here.

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