Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tenth Symposium Hellenisticum

Good news: the Proceedings of the Tenth Symposium Hellenisticum have been published.

A.M. Ioppolo and D.N. Sedley (eds.), Pyrrhonists, Praticians, Platonizers. Hellenistic philosophy in the period 155–86 BC. Tenth Symposium Hellenisticum. Elenchos 47. Napoli: Bibliopolis, 2007.

Among the contributions bearing directly or indirectly upon skepticism, we find:

Julia Annas, "Carneades’ Classification of Ethical Theories".

Anna Maria Ioppolo, "L'assenso nella filosofia di Clitomaco: un problema di linguaggio?"

Malcolm Schofield, "Aenesidemus: Pyrrhonist and «Heraclitean»".

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