Monday, October 8, 2007

Published in 2005 - Third Part

Another important book published in 2005 is Richard Bett's new translation of Sextus Empiricus' Against the Logicians (Adversus Dogmaticos I-II). The only previous complete English version of Sextus' Against the Logicians is Bury's translation in the Loeb Classical Library, which appeared in 1935. Given that Bury's English versions of Sextus' works are sometimes inaccurate or even misleading and often sound dated, Bett's translation is a most welcome addition to the literature on Pyrrhonism. I also highly recommend the Bett's introduction, in which he claims that in the Adversus Dogmaticos it is possible to detect traces of a variety of Pyrrhonism earlier than Sextus' own variety. If you want more information about this book, click here.

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